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New Hour Gala 2024 - Memories

I'm beaming with gratitude for each and every one of you. However you contributed to our gala - whether it was attending, making a donation, purchasing a raffle ticket, amplifying our cause on social media, or telling a friend about our work, your support contributed to us surpassing our fundraising goal and raising over $90,000. 

You joined us from as far as California, Louisiana and Philadelphia to support our mission and members. 

Very often, we, as previously incarcerated women and gender-expansive people are often marginalized, isolated and unwelcome in spaces where, if allowed, we make THE positive impact.

New Hour continues to provide this space in which justice-impacted people can not only feel safe, but be accepted, seen and heard. The love was there and was felt deeply by all of us.

Photos by Day1 Pictures

Our Impact This Year

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  • Mary A., EMERGE graduate
    Mary A., EMERGE graduate

    New Hour's EMERGE program helped me to believe in myself again.

New Hour is proud to be partnered with the Safe Housing Network.

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